Machine Applications

  • Landscaping, building, sewer/water in, local construction
  • Ready mix cement/concrete products, quarry/stone, clay, recycled aggregate, sand and gravel
  • Highway, street, tunnel, airport, residential commercial


  • Slope switch make machine approach to hopper and pile in slope safety and easier
  • High decibel Beacon and backup alarm make person around easy to attention
  • 3 stage alarm system on panel
  • 3 touch points entering and exiting cab make operator more safe


  • Quick pressure test ports on HYD and brake lines make diagnose easier
  • Large wing hood door make service easier, approach to air cleaner, fuel filter and oil filter
  • Large spread hitch design in acticulation section make operator easier to approach

Solid Structure

  • Validated by Cat technology FEA( Finite Element Analysis) and OMSA(On Machine Stress Analysis)
  • Middle articulation frame less work space needed and reduce tire resistance
  • Large spread hitch design in acticulation section can stand more load

Cooling System

  • High performance aluminum cooling package suitable for most of severe applications
  • Oil cooler and radiator parallel design can balance heat load inside and suitable diversity applications
  • Damping design reduce vibration failure


  • SEM made in house counter shaft transmission reliable and high efficiency, core components reliable improvement
  • One stage and 3 element torque converter deliver higher efficiency
  • 1st gear higher draw bar and 2nd gear faster speed make penetration easier and move material faster

Operator Station

  • Mould formed cab with all trims design and more vents with HVAC make operator feel better
  • First class premium seat with suspension adjustable, arm rest and safety belt. Up-down, forward and reverse adjustable
  • Cat technology damping mount reduce vibration failure
  • Slide window, fresh air inlet system make environment better

Efficient Hydraulic System

  • Excellence modulation performance implement valve with mechanical control, make operation more accurately
  • Full hydraulic load sensing steering and flow shared system save fuel and raise productivity, hydraulic cycle time is only 9.3s
  • Word class pump and Cat technology lines routing deliver better reliability


  • Low speed engine and E-fan make fuel consumption better
  • 3 stage air cleaner with 93% efficiency pre cleaner reduce earlier wearing, high efficiency fuel filter make engine work in good condition
  • Cat technology damping mount reduce vibration failure


SEM653D SEM653D for EAEU

Main Specifications

Rated Payload
5,000kg 5,000kg
Operating Weight with Standard Bucket
16,640kg 16,860kg
Bucket Capacity
2.6-5.5m³ 2.6-5.5m³

Operating Specifications

Breakout Force
177KN 177KN
Max. Drawbar Force
171KN 171KN


Transmission Gears
F4/R4 F4/R4
Torque Converter Type
Single Stage, 3 Elements Single Stage, 3 Elements
Max Speed
39 39
Maker & Type
TR200 TR200

Axle (Axle, Tire & Brakes)

Rear- oscillation +/-
±11 ±11


Engine Model
WD10G220E23 WD10G220E23
Rated Power
162kW 162kW
Rated Speed
2,000r/min 2,000r/min
9.7L 9.7L
T2 / Stage 2 T2 / Stage 2

Implement Hydraulic System

Implement System Type
Open center Open center
Hydraulic Cycle Time
9.3s 9.3s
System Pressure Setting
17Mpa 17Mpa
5.1s 5.1s

Brake System

Service Brake
Dry & caliper, Air to Oil Control Dry & caliper, Air to Oil Control
Parking Brake
Drum / Shoe Drum / Shoe

Service Refill Capacity

Fuel Tank
260L 260L
Engine Lubricating Oil
21L 21L
Hydraulic System
170L 170L
Transmission Oil
53L 53L


23.5-25 23.5-25
PR16 Bias PR16 Bias

  • Rated Payload: 5,000 kg
  • Operating Weight with Standard Bucket: 16,640 kg
  • Bucket Capacity: 2.6-5.5 m³

  • Water Conservancy / Hydropower

  • Reliability:
    Sturdy frame design for heavy duty, proved made in house transmission make usage life longer
  • Productivity:
    1st with bigger force and 2nd gear with fast speed conjoint useage deliver high productivity. Auto to ready function save your time for operation
  • Fuel consumption:
    Low speed engine, E-fan and flow shared hydraulic system make lower fuel consumption
  • Comfortable:
    Good visibility cab and low noise design with first class premium 5 directions adjustable seat make comfortable operation

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